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Trust in the Power.

Living outside of the United States for almost four years has increased a lifestyle of flexibility that would make most typical stateside adults cringe.
As much as I LOVE that I can blame being late on the fact that I lived in Honduras for 3 years, and now Peru 6 months... I have developed a strange necessity for order, and often become agitated if things do not go as planned... I know. If you know me, you are most likely thinking "HA! I'll believe it when I see it"... but it's TRUE. Not sure what happened, I'm not super excited about this slight personality change. However, I think it must "come with the job". #adulting #thestruggleisreal

OK, to the story. Last Thursday, Rachel and I set out to visit one of our beloveds about 1,000 feet up from where we live.
We could not get in touch with her mother, but as is our culture, we decided to drop in anyway.
We hopped off our bus, eager to see our precious friend (extremely proud of ourselves for rememberin…

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