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to celebrate life.


These are two of my most favorite words. Whether it is my own day, or someone else's, I friggin' love to celebrate people's birth.
Maybe it's because I selfishly really really love my own birthday (secret's out...) and so I want everyone to feel as special as I do. Or maybe because my mom made every single birthday of my life super fun and super special, or because I love surprises and any excuse for a party... or maybe it's because it is wired into our DNA by the Creator of the Universe, who is the giver of LIFE to love birthdays.

In Peru, it's tradition to celebrate the entire week of the birthday... UM YES!! This is already my favorite thing! I love celebrating people ALL WEEK LONG!!!!
At Signs of Love, we also love birthdays, so every time we meet a new beloved we immediately find out when his/her birthday is. This isn't always as easy as it sounds... Some parents have to search for their child's birth certificate just to rememb…

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